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First National Fleet Driver Assessments are designed to offer companies and their drivers, driver training so each driver has up to date driving skills and knowledge. This will improve their overall driving performance, on both a safety and economical level.

What we offer

We can complete one off assessments for each driver or provide a comprehensive driver assessment and monitoring contract service for all sizes of company, from sole traders to 40,000+ employees.

To the driver

We aim to understand a drivers' current skills and then offer support and advice to help that driver. In some cases simple reassurance may be enough, with others there may be more to do to. Our goal is to lead every driver to become more confident, safer and more economical, not just for work but for life.

To the company

With more traffic on the roads and, the cost of motoring going up and set to continue rising, driver assessment can offer a number of benefits:

  • Lower fuel cost - National statistics show that driver assessment can reduce a company's travel expenses between 10 and 15% each year, this alone could cover the cost of the assessments.
  • Lower Insurance - We can work with you and your insurance provider. In some cases, insurance providers offer discount for companies who do driver assessments.
  • Lower maintenance costs - Advice and training on eco driving leads to less wear and tear on your vehicles and will reduce tyre and brake wear.
  • Improved due diligence - A fact of life is 'accidents do happen' and as an employer, driver assessments can reduce the risk of compensation claims or even prosecution.
  • Employee benefit - Driver assessments are a real benefit to both your current and future employees and could give your company a recruitment and retention edge.

What we cover

Each assessment takes approximately 90 minutes. They consist of an introduction, a safety check and observation driving in all types of conditions, especially those most common to the driver in their line of work. Then we provide feedback and driving advice on both safe and economical driving. Each driver is provided with a written report based on those observations and recommendations.

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Learning with First National was a great experience because I was initially worried about learning to drive. However, with their careful guidance and advice, my confidence grew and after nearly 4 months after passing I absolutely love driving, thanks First National!

Natalie, Little Stoke

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